Wednesday, February 2, 2011

suffering & violence

(July 2010)

suffering & violence
I sleep to the sound of violence

I wake to the sound of noise
eyes-shut, ears-pierced gun shot
divinely, hope vanished, dream shattered
fear devour the witness juvenile, mouth shut dumb
evidence concealed, bloody hands run fast hide

The world seems cruel, cruel to the eyes of the feeble
Innocents were used, used to the work of evil
evil is in the eyes of the innocents
cheating, killing, it’s their way of living
thirst of hope swelled on their faces
love, joy, peace, is now even forgotten
wrath shaped the hearts
hearts of these new faces
faces of this known new generation…
well, I know nothing about what this written…
sound of grief, sound of pain now reigning…

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