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Secrecy behind Gaga’s “Alejandro”

Notice: if you think you've read the same article as this one, well, think again---pls read mine first or you can skip and proceed to my conclusion

Its religious symbolism: just for the “Shock factor” or interprets a deeper meaning, intentionally?

If you’re already aware that there’s really hidden meaning behind a song, then that’s good.
However, I wanted to remind or warn you that it’s not always eroticism or violence, sometimes it’s a form of sacrilege or spiritual blasphemy.!----that you might actually singing right now, unless if you’re really an Antichrist, no offense.

Actually, sometimes it’s too obvious to catch the secrecy within a song if you’ll take time to search about it---play with the words, translate it to other languages, or read it backward like what they did to Obama’s “yes we can” that turned into “thank you satan”…, or you could watch its video focus on any symbols shown or to what the characters being portrayed; or anything will do.

Again, like I mentioned to the previous article I exposed---I’m not a hater nor con, neither a lover nor a pro. But I have to mention today’s pop sensation Lady Gaga, aside from the occults of her Bad romance and Telephone, Alejandro involves political oppression and even a religious blasphemous and dark symbols shown on its video, as well as the song itself.

But first let’s see this one

 So, how’s that? is that real? Well, we’ll find it out later. Now let’s scan first the video

 I understand in some point why some of us still doubt to see the video…it’s scary. But let’s tackle it, anyway.

According to this site vigilantcitizen.com, the video for Alejandro is very symbolic and leaves it open for multiple interpretations. For instance, some were claiming that it portrays the Catholic church’s repression of the gay community. This interpretation might have some validity to it, but it ignores many important aspects of the video. Other observers seem to believe that all videos with religious imagery are “tributes to Madonna.” Yes, Madonna did Like a Prayer, but this doesn’t explain anything in Gaga’s video. In addition to a possible tribute, the symbolism of the video tells a story of spiritual rejection and metamorphosis taking place in the context of an oppressive police state.

By the way, the video was directed by Steven Klein, a well-established photographer in the fashion industry, his photographic style often exploits the theme of homoeroticism and he obviously carried that theme into this video format.

“I know that we are young.
And I know you may love me.
But I just can’t be with you like this anymore,

The first verse of the song obviously as you may notice, it prevails rejection and believed to be the most prevalent theme of the song.

But the talking-point is, who is Alejandro?
A gay guy she cannot be with? A man she is cheating on with Roberto and Fernando? whoever he is, Alejandro might stand for something deeper, as what its video shows.
In a later scene, Gaga is shown laying down, wearing a red latex nun suit and holding a rosary
Looking at the sky says. “Stop, please, just let me go.” Then, just when she says, “Alejandro,” she raises her hands to the sky. In this context, it is safe to say that Alejandro might very well be God (vigilantcitizen.com).

“She hides true love
En su bolsillo.
She’s got a halo ’round her finger,
Around you.”

The halo around the finger is a wedding ring and Alejandro has a halo around him, which signifies he is considered “holy.” The wedding ring represents Gaga’s union with God through religion, but she is now ashamed of this marriage. She hides the ring in her bolsillo, the Spanish word for pocket. Why does she refer to a Fernando and a Roberto at some point? Is she referring to the triple aspect of God, the holy Trinity? (vigilantcitizen.com)

The concept of rejection is thus applied to God as he does not seem to satisfy Gaga’s spiritual needs. She then decides to seek godhood herself by embracing a new type of spirituality. It seems that the nun becomes a Luciferian priestess (vigilantcitizen.com), shockingly.!

---and so there! an accurate explanation, indeed! fascinating, isn’t it? ---(end)

But for a second thought---I won’t just stop it there…in fact, there’s a lot of occults happening in this video, a stir of blasphemy to a religious perspective.

this image was shown at the earlier scene of the video which compared to the sacred thorned heart that believed to be Christ's

inverted cross
Gaga’s robe contains many inverted crosses. This is extremely significant in symbolic language. The cross is a symbol of the Christian faith as it represents Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. In Christianity, the inverted cross is known as the “Cross of St. Peter”, in honor of Simon Peter who requested to be crucified upside down because he felt unworthy to be put to death in the same matter as Christ.
In non-Christian circles, however, the inversion of the cross represents the perversion and desecration of what it symbolizes. For this reason, inverted symbols are found in black magic and Satanism (vigilantcitizen.com).

“In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power (…) Black magic is not a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art. Therefore it has no symbols of its own. It merely takes the emblematic figures of white magic, and by inverting and reversing them signifies that it is left-handed.”
- Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

eating rosary
The rosary is a set of beads used in Catholic tradition for prayer and meditation. By swallowing the rosary, Gaga incorporates within her a symbol of religious devotion because 1) it is shocking and would get media attention 2) represents Gaga seeking to obtain godhood by her own means. We have here a symbolic representation of the tenets of Luciferianism, which is the drive to attain divinity by one own means. Lucifer is considered to be the active principle towards godhood, the one who brought “divine light” to the humans (vigilantcitizen.com).

In another scene, Gaga is shown giving the sign of benediction and blessing, a gesture reserved in Catholicism to those who are considered Holy.

A classic image of Christ showing the sign of Benediction and pointing towards the Sacred Heart.
Luciferian priestess hiding one eye as a sign of Illuminati control or loyalty

Again, One-Eye hinting to the nature of the oppressive force.

Her back-up dancers are dressed in uniforms reminiscent of dictatorships of the era of Hitler, Stalin, Franco and Mussolini… it actually goes against everything America supposedly stands for.
In the final scene of the video, Gaga is shown attached to strings. Is she herself controlled into perpetuating this agenda?

 In conclusion…
The point of this article is not to expose the glamour and creativeness of the music video and the song itself---but to expose how vile the song is, pertaining to the theme which shows rejection of Christian faith and turning other way.
But whatever the video conveys---evil or not, blasphemous or worship, and though listeners might have the guilt that there’s something wrong with it---they would not care and still love to listen to it and even keep repeating to sing the song in the sense that they just simply love it. I won’t doubt that one day this kind of video and song would be very normal and acceptable to our culture, as what I believe, music industry is influenced by satan, using it to control one’s mind…I understand how the latest music trends and etc. could easily get our attention and taste but it is their way to hooked us, before we knew it we’re already mind control.
May be this could serve as a warning, so be careful to choose a song to listen. Pray, ask God for wisdom.

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