Wednesday, February 2, 2011

when my heart cries...

when my heart cries...

I rather shut the fuck off
than to smile
run away and hide
than to say what I felt inside
I rather save my words
and let tears running
Through my face
Than to speak up
But no one minds

I rather stay wet
Under the rain
Than to share umbrella
With fake friends

I rather be alone
Than to spend my
Time with unknown
and I rather be here
Than to wait for someone
Who’s in there and
Doesn’t care

I hate waiting
But somehow I’m
Longing that someone
Would be here
So I can share the burden
That I’m embracing
‘coz I’m tired and sick
I’m always rejected
That’s the reason why
I chose to sit rather
Than to stand up straight…

*i'm sorry about the "F" word

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