Wednesday, February 2, 2011

dying heart and broken

(September 2010)

dying heart and broken

I am but shadow on a wall
I moan for no one can hear my call
In the beaming light I fear
for a gentle touch of it
can cause my skin to disappear

Times went by
Seasons have changed
But here I am awake and is still
As the twilight fills and the night falls
Still, the sound of silence is the lullaby
that keeps my eyes from closing

Upon the edge I’m standing
only to find out the truth, as it flicker on their faces,
pure enough for me to see
that even my shadow and blood
will turn against me
well, that is reality
Into the wave of crowd
I’m passing through
Saw the vicious eyes
looking for their next victim
Sounds of rage and violence
pierced through my ears
I found myself screaming
but nobody would tend to listen

I’m looking for something
I couldn’t even explain
I have nothing but this faith
I’m believing in
and this never ending string
The string of the wicked and death…

Through a looking glass
I see my face
there were ashes
divinely starts fading
and this room filled with beam
now starts drowning

This day may be over
and every breath I breathe I’ll save
bury myself to sleep
for tomorrow’s chances

This gushing blood I never felt
For this pain I earned is even worst
It’s too late for me to see
that’s something’s missing
Truth is but I’m all dead
for my heart is broken… 


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