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There is something about "Josie and the Pussycats"

10 years ago a movie entitled Josie and the Pussycats was released by Universal. Sounds familiar? Well, just in case you're going to need a flashback---those years was the dramatic reigning years in the history of the boy bands N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Blue and more...

Now, what was so bashing about this movie is that it is a sort of a perfect portrayal or an accurate prediction in regards of today's pop music and its Illuminati agenda: mind controlled artists, hypnotized masses, subliminal messages...betcha! it's all in there...

The movie starts with members of boy band named Du Jour, a spoof of the band Backstreet Boys, dying in a forced plane crash, and then Josie and the Pussycats put on the scene as the replacement of Do Jour. Agreeing to Vigilantcitizen.com where i got this idea, this pretty much reflects what actually happened in the years following the release of this movie: N*Sync and the Backstreet Boys totally vanished from the screen and were replaced by Hilary Duff, then came Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers ... and so on ...

Little did we know, the movie reveals, in odd humorous way, some of the darker sides of the music industry even the assassination of artists who ask too much questions or rebel. So here how it goes ...

The Scene
As stated above, the movie starts with the boy band which is the hottest pop sensation "of the day" named Do Jour, enjoying their mega success. In their private jet, singers complain about petty things to their record executive Wyatt, who acts more as a legal guardian, or in a mind control terms---a handler.

Then the band asks Wyatt about the strange sounds they heard in the acapella tracks of their latest song...and they want some answers. That strange sounds could be an example of subliminal message.

Instead of an answer, Wyatt and the plane's pilot harshly strap on a parachutes and jump off the plane, leaving Du Jour to die in what is then called an "accidental" plane crash.

Actually, this has happened in real life numerous times: artists who start uncovering the darker side of things, who ask too much questions or, worse, plan to reveal these things to the public, are often dropped, publicly humiliated and scorned, or as in this case,------KILLED.

Under the Elite's Recording Company
In this post L.A. Baby (Where Dreams Are Made Of) it was tackled here that the Illuminati Elite are really behind and control those big Record Labels.

Now, within this movie, Mega Records is the world's biggest record label where Do Jour was signed with. In fact, Mega Records is more than a record label. It is also "in business" with the American government and the FBI to brainwash the youth!

The label's headquarters is, in fact, a control center for manipulating the minds of the youth. It creates new fads, decides everything from the "hippest" clothes to what is "in"------the "vogue" with the ultimate goal of keeping the youth spending money by constantly track down short-term trends.

Reality is, of course, more knotty than that. Trends are probably not created in an underground control center. There is however truth in this near-cartoonish depiction of the music business. The music industry is indeed connected to "higher powers" (as personified in the movie by the FBI agent) in order to sell the youth on the economic elite's agenda. Popular culture not only attempts to sell products and brands to the audience, but also ideas, values and attitudes.

By the way, it was also spell out here that the label insert subliminal messages in pop music in order to manipulate the youth into buying products and ideas. So, the label goes beyond the simple advertising of products. It conceals in the music hidden messages that bypass the audience's conscious minds in order to directly reach their subconscious. These manipulation technique and subliminal perception scheme were also  explained in this article click.

What was also shocking was that it was being revealed here that those rock stars die in plane crashes, overdosed on drugs, bankruptcies, shocking scandals, religious conversions were all their idea---if those artists discover the hidden messages they are placing in their music and will go against it.

Connecting to reality, there are actually numerous real life examples of celebrities who have been silenced, one of the most shocking and evident being is Michael Jackson. After decades of being controlled by the entertainment business, he attempted to break free in the late 90s. He even spoke about it. He then endure years of scandals, trials, public ridicule, and financial difficulties. Jackson still managed to keep his career and even organized a world tour for 2010. Since previous attempts to destroy him failed-----he got silenced ... by force.

3D Technology
Notice how 3D rules the entertainment today - I noticed that almost of the movie nowadays were "also in 3D"...

Of course, this movie also have that! As an attempt to take things to the "next level" Mega Records develops a new tech called "3D Surround Sounds". This new technology "makes the music feel like it is happening all around you".

All the kids who attend Josie and the Pussycats' concerts or watches them on TV has to buy this headgear in order to hear the music.

Hypnotized, mind controlled teens testing the new 3DX technology in a Mega Records lab.
Connecting to the real world, this kind of technology is very popular now! 3D glasses are today's hottest trend. It is required to view 3D movies, TV shows, and video games.

Josie and the Pussycats: from Nobodies to Sex kitten Programming Stars
So, after the killing of Do Jour, record executive Wyatt is tasked to find a band as soon as possible. The movie makes it clear that talent is absolutely irrelevant.

Note that in reality, most of the successes start from humble beginnings, until the industry takes them, changes them and sells them to the public.

Then we are introduced to the Pussycats ... and their lack of fans.

Wyatt found them and offered a contract-----although he doesn't even heard them play, yet.

The Pussycats' story is classic: a broke, struggling band attempts to become big by performing gigs; a record label offers a shady contract; the desperate and fan-hungry band signs, not knowing what they are getting in to.

So that's it! Right after they signed, the label subjects the group to a complete metamorphosis: a make-over to "sexy them up' and a name change, from The Pussycats to Josie and the Pussycats. The group is now completely owned by the label. Its has lost control of its image, its name and even its music, as it has been modified to contain subliminal messages. But those changes pay off, as they become a #1 band in less than a week. WoW! amazing...Well, in reality, do you know someone alike? Well, I know one...(evil grin)
Josie and the Pussycats looking at the "Megasound 8000". On top of "digitally enhancing" the singer's voice, the machine inserts subliminal messages in the music in order to convince listeners they love the band and to sell products and ideas.
Mind Control
Of course, this movie also contains numerous references to mind-control programming.

Back to the real world, numerous celebrities have been subject to mind control in order for them to become easily manageable by their handlers. In other words, they become slaves themselves from the industry.

Just so you know, Monarch mind control includes numerous types of programming, one of them being Beta (or Sex kitten programming). It is the type of programming that is the most used in the entertainment industry and it is coded with references to "cats", "kitties", "pussycats" and also with wearing of feline print clothing.
Kelly Rowland poses for Beta Programming

Katy Perry poses for the Sex kitten programming

Nicki Minaj new sex kitten puppet

From wearing cute little kitty ears, the group is now draped in feline prints. The fact that they wore the ears before they got famous might signify the group's predisposition to this kind of programming

Moving on, again, in less than a week, with the help of subliminal messaging, the group produces a #1 hit and sells out huge concert. The group even earns the honor of meeting the label's CEO, Fiona.

Fiona's hang-out room. Notice, the painting on the left. Yes!---it's the all-seeing eye. and yes---this was years before the creation of the persona LADY GAGA
The girls soon realized that Fiona acts in a strange, dissociative manner, as if she were herself under some sort of mind control.

After, the meeting. Fiona spies on the group using hidden cameras and learns that the two members of the group, Melody and Valerie, are creep out by her and flat-out do not trust her. So she decided to go with another tactic we often see in the music business: to keep the star of the group and drop the other band members.

In order to carry out this operation, the label proceeds to use mind control on Josie by making her listen to subliminal messages in her own music. The process completely changes her attitude and personality: This scene subtly describes the hidden, mind control aspect happening in the music business: label execs use mind control programming to create an alter persona in Josie that they can control and manage at will.

Fortunately, Josie manages to snap out of her hypnotic state and learn everything about the 3D mass mind control concert. Unfortunately, her band mates Melody and Valerie have been kidnapped by the label and Josie must perform in the mind control concert to avoid the "accidental killing" of her friends.

Fiona shows Josie a pre-taped segment of MTV News announcing the "accidental death" of Melody and Valerie. This is a good example of media manipulation in order to protect the elite's interests.

Movie Production
In line with its theme of subliminal advertising, the inordinate degree of product placement in the movie constitutes a running gag. Almost every scene features a mention or appearance of one or more famous brands, including Sega and the Dreamcast (Sega's mascot Sonic The Hedgehog also appears in Archie Comics), Motorola, Starbucks, McDonald's, Gatorade, Snapple, Evian, Target, Aquafina, America Online,Pizza Hut, Cartoon Network (which has aired the cartoon series on many occasions), Revlon, Kodak, Puma, Advil, Bounce and more. None of the advertising was paid promotion by the represented brands; it was inserted voluntarily by the filmmakers.
can you spot the Tide detergent soap? lol
notice the McDonald's logo on the background
In that case, this only ought to manipulate the viewers. The same as what James Vicary said that he could get moviegoers to "drink Coca-cola" and " eat popcorn" by flashing those messages on screen for a short time that viewers were unaware.

Another shocking revelation isn't it?! Imagine---this movie was 10 years ago and what was going on with this movie is happening in today's pop culture---so if, what was shown in this movie is exactly the Elite's way of controlling minds, then----... Whaadaya think?


  1. Wew... Hi Riza.. although madame na lumalabas na ganito.. ayuko maging totally against.. pero hindi rin naman ako ganun ka-agree.. ewan ko kung tanga lang ako.. so anyway... uhmmm.. naka-relate lang ako yung kay Michael jackson... kase sinabi na din ni Maykel yun..nyay maykel din pangalan ng bf ko..ayunnn lang Riza!!! Okay ka na ba??? DUn sa nangyari sayo nung isang araw??

  2. haha hi Kamila...salamat sa pag hopped dito...^_^ umh..okay lang 'yan if against ka or agree--i know you have your own view...hindi ka rin tanga..hehe

    and about sa nangyari sa'kin---uu okay na okay...kaso medyo natatakot lang pag may nakasalubong na naka motorcycle - chaka! baka maging reflex ko na rin 'to~! wag naman sana...heehe salamat =)

  3. :) I have been saying this very thing to everyone around me... Josie and the Pussycats... we are witnessing it first hand, and it BLOWS. Thank you for taking the time to write all this stuff up... it must be very time consuming. Kudos to you


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