Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh there, i said it! kill me! kill me now...

Like you – I’m also fed up with this entire blogging stuff! (Assuming/considering you read everything inside this blogosphere)– exposing dark secrets, how the devil works to deceit the mass, reminding people the bottom line and all of that stuff…etc etc etc.

The whole idea of all this total waste is just to warn people, including my self – not to scare you, or anyone. Imagine this - how can you get somebody’s attention when everything you dramatically spit from your mouth is “oh repent people!” “Christ is coming repent!” I mean let’s just face it - would you be interested if someone give you a bible or a tract across the street (or can be applied anywhere)? Well, I know you know the answer.  That is why, technically, I chose to dig the darker side of nature that sure hits a person’s mind…get the picture?

I’m not a pastor nor a priest (I don’t have a plan either) but I just have this passion to share - like an awakening…because I care. Gotta admit it, I know I’m not perfect (well nobody is!), but for doing this---I’m hoping for a change, something must change. I created this, if not for you, then, for me, I just want it to share. I decided to continue, despite it, and I won’t jazzify what it is. Period. (I feel creepy, now! lol) It took me this far. Then, why stop? (My mum actually asked me to stop this!)

But before unveiling more! I want to take this opportunity to share this, after some self-reflection I made - I realized that there is a lot of changes with myself now. Spiritually, mentally ( I seldom talk, I seldom smile), and most of all - I have this new perspective regarding to the music and the music industry now, and of course, to the world. I’m not that die-hard fan of any artist, anymore; I don’t get easily fall (fool) anymore… I actually learned from it (eyes roll), too! Though, sometimes it creeps the heck out of me seeing it anywhere (especially -the media)! -----with me who’s only aware----for now or may be…! and worst sometimes it made me think how rotten the world is and how hopeless/helpless I am…! I know, everyone knows – it’s all written, it’s all been prophesized…and I can’t change it…too bad…T_T

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.


  1. Riza.. need ko ba mag speak english dito? So anyway... kung pwede magtagalog, bali ito na comment ko..at for sure dami ko masasabi..

    una! Yehey binasa ko post mo.
    Pangalawa. ayuko din ng tinatakot ako.. yung sinasabi mo na Jesus repent or something.. totoo lang gusto ko sabihin na God fearing ako, pero hindi yung fear na takot.. yung fear lang na parang respect...

    tapos... napag-isip isip ko lang.. na kahit kailan naman hindi ako masyado nag-idolize ng bonggang bongga sa mga celebrity... at.. siguro yun lang... hmmm....


  2. Hello. I am a graduating student from UP Manila and blog hopping led me here. :) I was wondering if you could answer a survey I made regarding Filipino bloggers. This is for my thesis and answering will only take you a couple of minutes.


    Confidentiality will be of utmost priority. Answering my survey will be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)

  3. @kamila: hehe okay lang magtagalog - o kahit ano basta naiintindihan ko lang..hehe so ito resbak ko..lol
    una, yey! binasa mo na talaga (tambling kaluluwa ko!) hehe pangalawa...hehe about sa 'Jesus repent or something.' that was just a catch word na sa tingin ko ay totoo at dito sa'min maraming kabataang ganyan... hehe isipin mo na lang parang ganito - pag nag sesearch ka ng mga channels sa T.V. pag na ilipat mo sa Christian channel o yong tipong nag pepreach sa T.V. mostly of the kids ay for sure maglilipat ng channel at mas pipiliin pang mag cartoons na lang...the same thing with mine...^_^ hehe But God to know you feared God..(na alam ko as a respect) hehe ^_^

    @ melovesflying: hi thanks for dropping by...^_^

    and about that...well, i'm not sure...but i'll try =)

  4. @ melovesflying: hi again! i just filled it up! thanks for inviting me...i have a great time filling it all! =)


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