Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dark confessions of the all-time great musicians

I actually kinda doubt posting it here-----but my intention is to expose the ugly side of music industry came straight from the mouth of musicians how satan used them to deceit the mass...

This is a collection of quotes/answers of some musicians that was interviewed via certain magazines.

"Rock has always been THE DEVIL'S MUSIC . . . I believe rock and roll is dangerous . . . I feel we're only heralding SOMETHING EVEN DARKER THAN OURSELVES." -David Bowie (Rolling Stone, Feb. 12, 1976) 

"I'm the devil's advocate. We have our own worshippers who are called 'groupies.'Girls will give their bodies to musicians as you would give a sacrifice to a god."-Frank Zappa (Peters Brothers, What About Christian Rock, p. 17) 

"Hopefully, I'll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity."-Marilyn Manson (Spin, August 1996, p. 34) 
Manson claims his album Antichrist Superstar came via "supernatural-inspiration": 

"I heard this album as finished, I heard it in dreams . . . It was like the revelations of John the Baptist or something."-Marilyn Manson (huH, Oct. 1996, p.34) 

"I think every time people listen to this new album maybe God will be destroyed in their heads. . ."-Marilyn Manson (huH, Oct. 1996, p.37) 

"I don't know if anyone has really understood what we're trying to do. This isn't just about shock value . . . that's just there to lure the people in. Once we've got em we can give em our MESSAGE."-Marilyn Manson (Hit Parader, Oct. 1996, p.2

"My mom used to tell me when I was a kid, If you curse at nighttime, the devil's going to come to you when you're sleeping. I used to get excited because I really wanted it to happen . . . I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything . . ."-Marilyn Manson (Rolling Stone, January, 23, 1997 p.52) 

Carlos Santana Admitting To Being Controlled By Demons

"The energy of devils and angels is the same energy; it's how you use it. It's fuel. There is a saying: If you scare all your devils away, the angels will go away with them. You know, the halo and the horns are the same thing. I mean it's OK to be spiritually horny - that's what creative genius is all about. Geniuses don't have time to think about how it's going to be received... they don't have time to think whether people like it or not, is it morally right, will God like it?"- Carlos Santana(Rolling Stone, magazine, March 16, 2000, p. 87).

"...you meditate and you got the candles, you got the incense and you've been chanting, and all of a sudden you hear this voice: 'Write this down' " Carlos Santana(Rolling Stone magazine, March 16, 2000, p. 41).

"Rock concerts are the churches of today." -Guitarist Craig Chaquico (of the rock group 'Jefferson Starship.')

"Get them while they're young and bend their minds." Spencer Dryden (of the rock group 'Jefferson Starship.')

"I'd kill my mother for rock and roll. I WOULD SELL MY SOUL." -Bon Jovi (Smash Hits Magazine)

Satanic Quotes From Musicians In Songs:

"Dear God,I Wonder can Ya Save Me,(Illuminati Want My Mind,Soul,And My Body)Dear God,I Wonder Can Ya Save Me,(Secret Society,Tryin To Keep An Eye On Me)"-Jay-Z,D'evils
"Whoever said illegal was the easy way out couldn't understand the
mechanics,And the workings of the underworld, granted..."-Jay-Z,D'evils
"I used to say 'fuck mic skills,' and never prayed to God, I prayed to Gotti,That's right it's wicked, that's life I live it
Ain't askin' for forgiveness for my sins, endz"- Jay-Z
"all the evils that the game'll do
It gets dangerous, money and power is changing us
And now we're lethal, infected with D'Evils..."-Jay-Z
My soul is possessed by D'Evils in the form of diamonds and lexuses
The exorcist, got me doin' skits like Homie-Jay-Z 
"Lucifer, dawn of de morning! I'm gonna, chase you out of Earth
Lucifer Lucifer, dawn of de morning."-Jay-Z,Lucifer,Chorus
"Lord forgive him
He got them dark forces in him"- Jay-Z,Lucifer
I ain't tryin to be facetious
But "Vengance is mine" said the Lord
You said it better than all
Leave niggas on deaths door
Breathin off res-por-rators -Jay-Z, Lucifer
Man i gotta get my soul right
I gotta get these Devils out my life-Jay-Z,Lucifer
And if you feel in my heart that i long for revenge
Please blame it on the Son of the mornin-Jay-Z,Lucifer

Some of them might be your favorite music icon, or they might be the rockstars who inspired you,  i just shared this-----for you might never knew T_T 

2 Corinthians 2:11 so that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for fwe are not ignorant of his designs.


  1. good blog!!!! Very informative. I saw a video once years ago, a documentary about Rock and Roll. I cant remember what it was called now, but it was very popular in the 8-0's.
    Ya know, these people are so very foolish...the fact is, satan hates THEM as much as anyone and despises them all the more for rejecting God, but he loves to use them. One day they will be very sorry, and ashamed...
    And as for the Lord, the bible says in Psalms that He sits on His thone and laughs at his enemies, [because he knows there time is coming]. They can do nothing to get rid of Him so Marilyn Manson is wasting his time lol
    Bless you sis!!
    Jules xox

  2. hi! thanks for finding this as informative, i really doubt at first, some might hate me or report me but you just inspired me, thanks again ^_^ God Bless you =) continue to preach the good news of God!


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