Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't let facebook/twitter left you faceless!

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Social networks highly have become popular, nowadays. Undeniably, such brought changes in one's daily life. Both are media to share links, thoughts, or feelings.

Regardless its advantages and benefits, social networking has also its share of risks. One of these is your reputation. Remember that whatever you post reflects your personality even if you don't really mean it. One thoughtless comments, post or picture can ruin one's reputation. It might also affect how others see you.

Do you know a person who behaves in person but misbehave online? Because many of us feel less inhibited when in front of a computer screen, this due to the adage "what happens online stays online." And that whatever you posted online doesn't really sounds as bad as it sounds when you say it out. And that's how crude languages, gossip, or even immoral topics, stereotypes, and even practices or activities that should really be kept privately creep in.

Does it really matter and will it affect one's daily life or living? Well, if the person don't really care walking down the street with scratch or dent of people's label over him, then, i don't think it matter-----but for a living? it does.

Since we also have basic information available in our networking pages, sometimes, there are other employers tempted to sneak in to their applicants' profile, and whatever they find out might leave bad impressions. Putting too much information online could be risky, since potential stalkers arise, too.

True that social sites exist to manifest one's thought or feeling, freely. Freedom to express as what we say it. But what would you prefer? a good reputation or harmed?

A Bible proverb states:
"If you have to choose between a good reputation and great wealth, choose a good reputation." -Proverbs 22.1, Today's English Version.

It's easy to gain wealth, but it's hard to earn back good reputation...completely.

*Tips to protect your reputation:
Before posting pictures, comments, walls or links, ask yourself:
  • What do these things reflects about me?
  • Is this really how I want to present myself?
  • Are these things really appropriate?
  • Is there at least one who will be blessed?


  1. I read your post and I agree with your things whatever you are saying it,s going on now days we should first think and after move any step.
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  3. I agree to your post. A 12 year old girl who used to stay up online without supervision of their parents and evaluated of what their child had been watching.This could lead to a dysfunction. I hope parents could guide a responsible internet usage and commenting as well.Indeed, it takes 10 years to build a reputation and 5 mins to ruin it.

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. thank you for sharing your thoughts PSYCHABLES.


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