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aliens or devils?

“Are we being visited by aliens? Seeing is believing, but in 25 years of night flying in my trusty old Piper Cherokee, and in all these years of watching the sky, I've never seen a UFO. Yet, I get letters from seemingly sober folks describing strange sky objects.” –Bob Berman, American astronomer and science popularizer.
One that I feared during childhood is to see aliens or to be abducted by them. But when I come to think of it, are there really aliens or they were just made up of itching imaginations…But what about those encounters, sightings, visitations, and abductions that been told by some folks. If I’ll say those were lies, then, that would be unfair.
But what’s the truth behind those extra-terrestrials and UFO’s???

These were some links with those people who believed that they have encountered or abducted by aliens…

Strange Marks After Alien Visits
The day after a visit she often comes to me and shows me strange "needle" marks, bruises and other abnormal body aberrations. Sometimes it looks like someone has drawn blood from her. None of this she could have done to herself; I have never seen anything like it before.

Christian Encounter With "Alien/Demon"
It is 1973, just two or three months after accepting Jesus as my Savior and also receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit soon after. I was sleeping and alone in my home when my sleep was rudely interrupted. I was on my back and I went from deep sleep to suddenly feeling both my wrists being griped by someone.

Reported Winged Creatures Panic Chilean Peasants
The resident says that the creatures were tremendously strong, and that he was in fear for his life all the time, since he still couldn't figure out what they were.

Chile - Winged Creature Matches Up With Mexican Image
The "winged dogs" that attacked Juan Acuña, and the ones allegedly responible for sheep and hen deaths, continue to spread fear in Parral.

American officer kept his silence for two years 
Aliens took part in a military exercise in Arkansas

The Controllers
A new hypothesis of alien abduction, by Martin Cannon

Truth Seekers Review Mind Control & Abductions
All I can say is that I have been, for over a year now, pursuing a specific theory of UFO abductions which has royally ticked off everybody that I've come in contact with believer and skeptic alike. [Lecture by Martin Cannon]

Sexual Contacts With Aliens Occur Frequently
When the science of ufology appeared, the phenomenon of UFO was associated with green aliens from the deep black space, studying planet Earth with scientific or military purposes. At the end of the 20th century, ufologists started talking about the intention of extraterrestrial beings to obtain the human genetic material.

The Dragon Snake - A Solomon Islands UFO Mystery
This former RAAF engineer's startling experiences, along with his knowledge of the Solomon Islanders' long history of encounters with strange aerial craft and alien beings, sparked him to search for hidden UFO bases...

"Alien" Experiences
One night I awoke about 3:00 a.m, terrified.  I sensed two beings in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. I did not try to look at them because I was afraid of what I would see. I saw the glow of the clock and Jeff, (my husband) sleeping next to me.  I tried to turn (I was on my stomache) to wake him up but I was paralyzed...

Alien Scalpel
This website is the only website dedicated to the victims of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon.

The Meier Contacts - The Most Important Story in All of Human History
The Meier Contacts meet all standards for a preponderance of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. All challenges by scientists and skeptics, to duplicate or debunk the physical and prophetic evidence, have been soundly defeated. The Meier Contacts are, therefore, the most important story in all of human history. There is no other possible conclusion.

The Semjase Contacts
Meier took nearly 1100 diapictures of pleiadian (pleiaren-) -ships, many of them stolen (ca. 500?): The journalist Gary Kinder wrote in his book "Lightyears" how easy it was to "borrow" Meiers original pictures. Meier had commited Semjase not to deny anybody information - and many of them was simply stolen and has never later appeared.

Missing Time On Airline Flt From Las Vegas To DFW 
I found this case to be really fascinating and I am looking for answers and folks who may have been on the flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to DFW on June 6, 2001. As you will read in this story below, 45 minutes of time cannot be accounted for.

Singing "Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do"
There is obviously an agenda going on but even the most committed researcher in this matter should realise that these “experiments” have been going on for decades and even the most unintelligent of “Galactic Visitors” would have understood the anatomy of the human body by now. I am also sure that enough hybrids have been produced to inhabit many a universe. So why does it carry on?

New History Reveals the Truth About the Fátima Incident - Authors say Famed Apparitions in 1917 were Close Encounters with Alien Beings -
- In 1917, three little Portuguese shepherds – Jacinta, Francisco, and Lúcia – suddenly encountered the Virgin Mary, illuminated in the splendor of heavenly lights, who told the children three secrets about the fate of the Earth... -
- by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada. Aug 23, 2005 -

Alien Encounter Filmed In Mexico?
- A bizarre incident involving three boys and an alien entity has been made public in a southern Mexico community. The story is causing a great deal of concern and attracting a great deal of interest ...because the reported dramatic encounter was recorded on a cell phone camera by one of the witnesses. -
- by Santiago Yturria, Jan 10, 2006 -

The Black Triangle Abduction
- The Black Triangle Abduction examines the past ten years of alien abductions and reviews a complete lifetime of contact and programming. The story unfolds in real-time as it is revealed to the authors and the two therapists. By guiding them through hypnotic regression into the realm of unbelievable terror with graphic, jolting, horrifying detail. -
- Invispress.com -

The Science of Extraterrestrials - 2007 the Year of Explanations
[Word file]
- The centenary of Einstein's special relativity theory gave us in 2005 the opportunity to wonder about beliefs in the matter of UFOs. This is now the opportunity to present The Science of Extraterrestrials. Well more than a book, it proposes a new paradigm: Absolute Relativity! -
- by Eric Julien -

I researched and read a lot of articles about this, I’ve read a lot of different explanations, and theory but one thing that suites me is Penre’s article: THE INTERDIMENSIONAL INVADER FORCE

Granted, there’s a lot of questions that there are no answers yet---unless we are wise and won’t give up to find answers, and seek what’s really going on with the world…
Since the very main question within this article is “are there really aliens?”…all I could say---for now---is yes.! Yes, there were really aliens and they alienate.

How aliens become devils?

Kongka La. According to the few local people on the Indian and Chinese sides, this is where the UFOs are seen coming out of the ground, According to many, the UFO underground bases are in this region and both the Indian and Chinese Government know this very well…
If you’ll read the scripture in Isaiah 14:12 and 15 (nlt)
12 “How you are fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the morning! you have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world. 15 But instead, you will be brought down to the place of the dead, down to its lowest depths.
and in Revelation 12:9 The huge dragon was thrown out---the ancient serpent, named the devil, or satan, that deceived the whole world. He was thrown down to earth, and all his angels with him.
These two scriptures above shows that satan was thrown down the deepest of the earth, and those UFOs coming out from the earth, could be the angels of satan or satan himself?

In the site China and India both know about the underground UFO base

 It was mentioned that they get surprised why the Governments are so eager to hide these obvious facts. 

According to them the extra-terrestrial presence is well known and is in deep into the ground. They believe neither the Indian or Chinese Governments do not want to expose the fact for some reason. When they bring up this matter to local Governments, they are told to keep quiet and forget the same.

So what is the meaning of this? Government hiding the facts? for this reason I would like to supposed that there’s something between the government and the aliens… Government which is under the control of the secret brotherhood.

Connecting to the illuminati or the secret brotherhood and society---if there is a missing piece in the big puzzle, then, this actually does fit: the reason the Illuminati are so obsessed with power and they have such a different mindset is that they are simply not from this planet!

Penre stated that It looks like the alien visitors on Earth are engaged in some fundamental activities in order to gain influence here on our planet. The first area of activity has been to put themselves in position of power and authority wherever they can make a difference. This has been done directly and indirectly, by either directly obtaining a certain position or they have carefully selected humans to be placed there to serve their Agenda.

Same thing with dimensions. We live in what is widely accepted as the Third Dimension, and the beings that are here to control us are probably coming from a dimension close to us, like the lower fourth. They have the ability to tune into our frequency and take physical form here; thus all the sightings, both UFOs and physical aliens.
However, because they are not basically operating on our frequency, they don't necessarily have to take physical form either. All they need to do is to vibrate on a slightly different frequency so we can't see them. It is nothing strange with this - it's just energy, which is the basic to all life. By vibrating on a slightly different wavelength they can 'possess' humans who are accessible to them by their desire for money and power, and use them.

Therefore, we have 'shapeshifting reptilians' in governments, business, banking, entertainment industries and religion etc. What a shapeshifter is, is simply a possessed human. Sometimes the reptilian host is not able to keep his frequency intact, and therefore a 'bleed-through' occurs and the host becomes fully or partly visible in his true form. Other times they show up here in their real shape, and people sometimes see them and report them. By possessing humans they can achieve their goals, which is a take-over of humanity for their own collective purposes.


and so for whatever their purposes are, I believe slavery is including in their plans… as what the shadow government or the secret brotherhood has also planned.
But well, why fear? right? just what I stated to my previous article about illuminati based on Wes Penre… If we have accepted Jesus Christ to be our Lord and personal savior and God our Creator as our father, then we are not belong to this world---which is under the influence of satan “the prince of the earth."

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